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all the love in the world


june rayne
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The fic comm for sgmajorshipper and liliofthevaley. We've written all kinds of fic, and finally decided to make ourselves a comm to host them :)
You can check out the tags for what and who we write.
And yes, we do know how to spell "rain" properly. But..."rayne" is so much more fun :)

*waves* I'm sgmajorshipper or youcallmegeek or Grace, depending, and a long time ago(code for not really that long ago) I started writing fanfic and eventually there was far too much for my journal. And so, me and Lili conspired to make ourselves a fic comm for our awesome writings. ;)

I'm liliofthevaley on most places, mostly known as just Lili. I've never really been into the fic writing, but lately I've been getting some random plot bunnies and didn't want to spam my own journal. So sgmajorshipper mentioned doing this and I agreed. =]

for Adventures in Party Planning (Or; How Arthur Does It) by sgmajorshipper